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Welcome back players, to the official return of Levaria! It has been no secret that Levaria will be returning as Skyblock, with many new implemented features. We are striving for Levaria to become one of the new leading & competitive Skyblock server, and upon request, we are going to do a Custom Island Top this season! The Custom Island Top consists of splitting a % of the server donations throughout the top 3 island top winners! Anyways, the new features that are going to be consisting on Levaria are:
  • Island Upgrades
  • Battle Pass
  • Island Management
  • Spawner Upgrades
  • Custom Elixirs
  • EEffect Wands
  • Lucky Blocks
  • Much more to come with Levaria!

We are currently recruiting staff for the server, mainly Helpers & Moderators. The server can take more staff members to help out with the server, due to the plethora of advertisement that is going to happen. We are shooting for the release of Levaria to be a big one, one like no other.

Needless to say, I am super hyped for the return of Levaria. Again, to contact myself or Tiger, our discords are Crura#0001 & Tiger#0003.